PDX Minivans - FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our vehicles and services

PDX Minivans Clean TitlesDo all of your vehicles have clean titles? Yes, all of my vehicles have clean titles.

How do I know its a clean title and not a branded or reconstructed title? I have original titles on all my vehicles, and a CARFAX or AUTOCHECK report.

PDX Minivans Carfax ReportsDo you provide a CARFAX or AUTOCHECK on all your vehicles? Yes, PDX Minivans provides a copy of CARFAX or AUTOCHECK on all vehicles that we sell.

What if I want to run my own check? I provide vehicle VIN numbers for all my vehicles on the webpage.

If CARFAX or AUTOCHECK shows a vehicle has been in an accident, does that mean it has a branded or salvage title? The title and CARFAX or AUTOCHCECK will specifically state "salvaged" or "reconstructed" or "branded." An accident can mean a fender bender. All my vehicles have clean titles and are mechanical and frame guaranteed.

If a vehicle has previous paintwork, does that meand it has been in an accident? Not necessarily. If someone keys four panels on your vehicle or you go to the mall and someone opens their door and puts a dent on your fender, most likely you will have to paint it.

Can I get a vehicle inspected by the dealership or my mechanic? Yes, I encourage all customers that are purchasing a vehicle to get vehicles inspected. You are welcome to take the vehicle to a local mechanic or dealership within city limits.

Do you offer a warranty on your vehicles? Most of my vehicles come with factory warranties and I offer a thirty (30) day mechanical on engine/transmission and rear end when buyer chooses not to inspect the vehicle.

Do you offer financing? No, at this time we are not offering financing but we recommend OnPoint Community Credit Union or Unitus Credit Union for financing options.

Do I have to go to DMV or DEQ? No, all vehicles we sell are DEQ ready for Oregon and we will take care of DMV. All you need is to pay DMV fees and we will issue a trip permit on the vehicles for Oregon residents. Out of state buyers will have to purchase a trip permit for $30 dollars.

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